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Newly-Elected Deputy Speaker Indira Rana Magar: The “Mother” of Thousands


Kathmandu – Indira Rana Magar, who has worked in the field of social service and children for a long time, has been appointed as the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives. For the past three decades, she has become a parent to thousands of children who have lost their parent and now, has become the parent of the country. The newly elected Deputy Speaker, Indira Rana Magar, born on Shanishare-6 in Jhapa in 2027, is a new face in the House.

Having risen from the ground and overcoming various struggles, she has reached the highest position in the country by supporting helpless children and raising the children of prisoners with the love and affection of a mother. She has been given the opportunity to become the guardian of the country.

It is being said that Magar, who has reached a high position like Deputy Speaker within a short time of starting parliamentary politics, is the result of her contribution to the transformation of society and the result of her tireless efforts. The position of Deputy Speaker was discussed about Sovita Gautam, MP from RSP, and she wanted it too. However, it was Sovita who proposed her colleague for the position of Deputy Speaker. Deputy Speaker Rana Magar is the ‘mother’ of many children who have been imprisoned in jail for no crime.

She has shown the world by providing higher education to many children who went to prison with their parents who are serving prison terms and were born there. Under the ‘100 Women Challenge’ provided by the BBC, the founder of ‘Bandi Saayata Nepal’, the winner of the Inspirational and Creative Women Award for 2017, has made her known not only in Nepal, but all over the world. Having reached this point by facing various ups and downs, she has vowed to work independently and impartially while respecting the position she has received.

The same loving ‘mother’ who has become the parent of small and young children has now become the parent of the country, and the bandi aid has spread happily in Nepal. The students, charioteers and assistants who worked under her umbrella are shocked that Magar is the deputy speaker. They are happy that a right person has reached the place as the voice of children and people.

The word ‘mother’ does not come to anyone, but the Deputy Speaker Rana Magar, who has become the mother of thousands, has been led by time and circumstances to a new journey. The place and work area are totally new for her. But with her past work and struggle, it can be expected that she will easily face the upcoming challenges.

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