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Kushma Bungee: the world’s second-highest bungee Jump


Kushma Bungee Jump is Nepal’s highest bungee and the world’s second-highest bungee Jump which scales the height of 228 Meters. Kushma Bungee jump spot is located on the border of Baglung and the Kushma district of Nepal. These two districts are connected by the 520 Meter suspension bridge in the George of Kaligandaki river. There are other two bungee jump spots in Nepal besides this, The Last Resort and High-ground Bungee Jump respectively of 160 Meters and 70 Meters.

The Bungee Jump of Kushma holds the world’s second-highest bungee jump in the world after The AJ Hackett Macau Tower Bungy Jump which is 232 meters in height. Compared to these two bungee jumps, Nepal bungee jump rate is cheap and easily accessible. Kushma Bungee can be part of your 1-day tour activities after your trek is completed.

For bungee lovers, the good news is that the Kushma Bungee Jumping location is only 60 KM in distance from Pokhara. It can be reached within 1.45 hours from Pokhara. The road is pretty narrow compared to other roads and the government is maintaining the road so, in near future, it can be a perfect scenic drive tour for the visitors.

The Cliff Kushma Bungee has officially started its operation on 31st October 2020. Now the adventure loves and challenges themselves from the height of 228 Meters either by bungee jump or a swing.

In the opening time period for a bungee jump, the rates are only published for 3 months valid period for different nationals. Nepalese citizens can feel the adventure by paying Rs 7000 per person for Bungee Jump in Kushma. Besides this, if you would like to collect video, photo along with a t-shirt for memories then extra Rs 1500 is applied.

The good news is that, if you want to do the bungee jump again on the same day then you will get a discounted price. Second-time bungee jumper on the same day will receive a 50 % discount on the previously paid price and for the third time, a 75 % discount will be given. After doing it three times, you will receive the 4th jump free of cost.

Kushma Bungee Jump Schedule

Bungee jump in Kushma is normally scheduled to start from 09:00 AM in the winter days and for the overnight guest, it can be started from 08:00 AM in the summertime. We cannot exactly mention the timing but these are the normal timings for bungee starting.

Here we will give you the information regarding how this trip is organized once you enter the premises of The Cliff.

Once you are on our premises then you need to ask our front desk regarding your reservation or display your service voucher to our staff. Once the front desk checks your details then your process starts for the bungee jump.

How the photo and videos of the event are Captured?

They mainly use two gadgets for video and photo. One from the top of the bridge and another is attached in our hand. DSLR camera captures the video from the top of the bridge and Go-pro is used to capture the movement of your face closely which is attached to the hand.

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