Number of Teenage Mothers Fails to Decline

Makwanpur – Various programs have been implemented nationwide to prevent child marriage, but the data shows that the number of girls becoming mothers during their teenage years has not decreased. The statistics from Hetauda Hospital in Makwanpur confirm this.

In the past five years, 1,135 teenage girls have given birth before the age of 20 at Hetauda Hospital. According to the data, the number of teenage mothers has been increasing every year.

In the fiscal year 2075/76, 177 teenage girls gave birth, while the number rose to 192 in 2076/77. Similarly, in 2077/78, there were 235 cases, followed by 255 in 2078/79, and 276 teenage girls gave birth in the last fiscal year 2079/80. These figures are solely from Hetauda Hospital.

Over the past five years, 16,122 women have given birth at Hetauda Hospital, and 1,135 of them were under the age of 20. This accounts for 7 percent of the total number of women who have given birth.

Health workers consider teenage pregnancy to be high-risk. Both the teenage mother and the child can face health complications. However, the efforts of government and non-government organizations to prevent child marriage have not been successful as expected.

Commenting on the issue, Shridhar Aryal, the medical superintendent of Hetauda Hospital, stated that strict legal action is necessary to address problems like child marriage and teenage pregnancy in Nepal. He said, “While society previously considered the age of 7 as the marriageable age, many now consider 17-18 as the appropriate age for marriage. Raising public awareness on this issue is crucial.”

In the current fiscal year, 27 teenage girls became mothers in the month of Shrawan. Similarly, 25 girls became mothers in Bhadau, 33 in Aswin, and 22 in Kartik. Additionally, 23 teenage girls gave birth in Mangsir, 12 in Poush, 16 in Magh, 17 in Falgun, and 20 in Chaitra, according to the hospital.

Child marriage, leading to teenage pregnancy, is a serious violation of the rights of adolescent girls. It can have profound impacts on their education, health, and human rights. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce child marriage and mitigate the risks associated with teenage pregnancy.

According to Hetauda Hospital, the number of patients seeking outpatient department (OPD) services has also been increasing over the past five years. In the last fiscal year, 157,000 individuals sought OPD services, while 62,926 received emergency services at the hospital.


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