Hetauda Hospital Conducts Disaster Management Drill (Video)

Hetauda | Hetauda Hospital conducted a disaster management drill on Monday. The drill involved bringing in mock casualties from a simulated road accident in Trikhandhi to the hospital for treatment.

The exercise saw participation from representatives of the Nepal Police, Armed Police Force No. 14, Police Hospital, and Old Health Organization.

It is reported that this was the first time such a drill was carried out at Hetauda Hospital. Dr. Shree Dhar Aryal, Medical Superintendent of the hospital, informed that the exercise was intended to prepare for disaster situations.

After the simulation exercise at Trikhandhi, the mock casualties were brought to the hospital, and a treatment drill was performed. The hospital has planned to continue conducting such drills regularly in the days ahead.

The simulated road accident scenario in Trikhandhi involved actors playing injured victims who were then transported to Hetauda Hospital. There, medical personnel practiced receiving and providing treatment to the mock casualties as part of the disaster preparedness exercise.

With the involvement of security forces and health organizations, the drill aimed to enhance coordination and readiness in responding to mass casualty incidents or disasters in the region.


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