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Share Market : 10 things investors need to know


We can find many examples of significant income from the stock market. However, it is not easy to make a lot of money from the stock market. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required. Significant market research and understanding is also important.On top of that, the occasional extreme fluctuations in the stock market leave investors in a dilemma. They do not know when to sell, when to wait and when to sell.So far, there are no rules for investing in the stock market. However, there are some rules that increase the chances of making a good profit.

1. A lot of following others

The decision to buy or sell shares is made by people under the influence of their friends, relatives or other trusted people. Therefore, many people in the same circle invest in a single share.In the long run, it can be detrimental. This is not to say that you should not follow someone else, so you should think carefully about the situation in which you can invest. Always be careful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are scared,” said Warren Buffett, known as the king of the stock market.

2. Only make informed decisions

It is also important to study well before investing in the stock market. However, many do not study well before investing. People invest based on the name of the company without understanding the overall situation, but this is not the right way to invest in the stock market.Even people who have been investing in the stock market for a long time cannot say that the market price will reach here at this time. However, most investors do just the opposite.

3. Only invest in companies that you understand

The investment should be made keeping in mind the company concerned rather than looking at the overall condition of the stock market. So it is better to invest in a company that you understand.This means that if you are investing in a company, you need to know what the company does. How much dividends does that company pay? It is important to study the board of directors or the management of that company.

4. Don’t try to calculate the market price

Even people who have been investing in the stock market for a long time cannot say that the market price will reach here at this time. However, most investors do just the opposite.Financial planners also advise against such calculations. In this way, people lose their money while calculating the price. So far, no one has been able to successfully estimate the share price. On the contrary, experts say that people have not been able to get their rightful profit in the stock market.

5. Follow the concept of disciplined investment

By investing in the stock market in the right way in the right way, a person who can keep that investment for a long time can earn unexpected profits. So with long-term investment in mind, be patient and follow the concept of disciplined investment.

6. Don’t make decisions based on emotions

Many investors face a lot of losses from the stock market because they cannot control their emotions. Greed and fear in particular cannot buy or sell their shares at the right time. People cannot stop the greed to make a lot of money in a short time. So people can’t get as much profit from the stock market.

7. Invest in different areas

Investing in different areas is another important way to make significant profits at very low risk. How many areas to invest in depends on the investor’s ability to bear the risk.

8. Expect to be possible

There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a lot of money from the stock market. But, the goal you set should be achievable. For example, in the last few years, investments in many companies may have yielded 50 percent profit.This does not mean that the company you invest in has the same profit. In this regard, Warren Buffett’s theory is, “It is your great fortune to earn more than 12 percent in the stock market. If you are laughing at this, you are causing problems for yourself.”

9. Only invest when you have enough money

The state of the stock market is always upside down. So invest only if you think you can bear the loss. Only invest in the case that even if you lose this amount, it will not affect me much. This does not mean that your investment can be lost, it can give a good return. But, one does not have 100% faith in anything. So you have to take the risk.

10. Monitor constantly

Activities in the stock market in any part of the world affect our financial markets. So we have to constantly monitor our investment. Through which you know where your investment is going. If you can’t do it due to lack of time or good knowledge, you can also seek the help of someone you know.

If you can’t do that, it’s best to move your investment to a lower risk. – With the help of agencies

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