Musahar Children: Tuition Classes Transform Lifestyles

Sanjip Timsina

Itahari. The educational status of children from the Musahar community in Ward No. 1 of Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City has seen a remarkable improvement. After the ward office launched tuition classes targeting Musahar children, their school enrollment and regular attendance have increased significantly.

For the past 10 months, the ward has been conducting tuition classes for 57 Musahar children. Three teachers have been assigned to these classes, and the children are provided with snacks, notebooks, pens, and pencils. Various sports equipment has also been made available to them.

Since attending the tuition classes, Musahar children like Indrajit Sada, Amit Sada, Bandana, and Santoshi have started going to school regularly. Not only has their academic performance improved, but their overall behavior and hygiene have also seen positive changes. They have become more attentive to cleanliness and have started completing their homework consistently.

Ward No. 1 has around 150 households belonging to the Musahar community, and children from other marginalized communities have also started attending these tuition classes. The ward office initiated these classes to enhance the educational status of Musahar children, according to Ward Chairman Kailash Karki.

According to Karki, the ward has allocated a budget of NPR 500,000 for running the tuition classes, covering teacher remuneration and stationery expenses. He expressed plans to continue these classes in the future.

Tuition Classes Transform Lifestyles
Indrajit Sada, a 6th-grade student, lives in the Musahari Tole of Ward No. 1 in Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City. His parents work as daily wage laborers and leave for work early in the morning. Without parental supervision, Indrajit used to attend school only when he felt like it and would stay home on other days. His friends Amit, Bandana, and Santoshi also had a similar irregular school attendance pattern.

However, within a year, Indrajit’s life has undergone a significant transformation. The Itahari Ward No. 1 office launched tuition classes specifically targeting Musahar children. Since attending these classes, Indrajit has started going to school regularly. Not only that, he has also become diligent in completing his homework assignments.

Indrajit’s academic performance has improved, and his overall behavior and hygiene have also seen positive changes. He has started paying attention to cleanliness, wearing clean clothes, and maintaining a neat appearance. Following in Indrajit’s footsteps, Amit Sada has also started attending school regularly, while Bandana and Santoshi no longer miss their classes, be it at school or the tuition center.

These children, who previously struggled with regular school attendance, are now considered dedicated students. They all study in the 6th grade at Janajagriti Basic School. The tuition classes have not only improved their academic performance but have also transformed their overall lifestyles.


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