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All govt websites to be in uniform layout design and standard


The process of bringing out every government agencies’ website in the same layout design and standard has reached the final stage.

The Office of the Prime Ministers and Council of Ministers (OPMCM) took the lead to develop consistent template prepared by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology that is more high-tech and ultra secure.
The concerned agencies could thereby bring those websites into their use as per their convenience and in an cost-effective way.

Currently, the private sectors have been designing the websites for the public offices. The outsourcing of such websites from private sector has spurred security as well as quality concerns.

Hence, the OPMCM took an interest in preparing websites for the public offices in the same format and standards for uniformity and security reasons.

Many websites of various public offices at present have old source code, old technology and templates and were at high risk from cyber security viewpoint.

The authorities from the Information Technology Centre and the OPMCM have been consulting the developers to bring out newer and updated template.

Developing webpage in the same standards is believed to ease off in security inspection and update of the system in future.

A huge economic burden is being incurred to the State as the websites of public offices are developed or outsourced from the private sector.

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