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A 17-year-old student discovered a new planet


Kathmandu. A 17-year-old teenager has discovered a new planet. A teenager named ‘Ulf Cukier’ studying at Scarsdale High School in New York, USA, has recently discovered a new planet.

He went for an internship at NASA for two months after his school vacation. He succeeded in discovering a new planet within three days of working as an intern.

His job there was to look at pictures of satellites that were launched in space to search for planets outside the solar system.

“I was studying the planets orbiting two stars,” he told the BBC, “and I had to look at the changes in the brightness of the stars.”

At the same time, he saw two star-lit objects. He showed it to his supervisor.

‘We looked at other data of those stars and it was found that the light was also reduced at other times. After that, the search started that it could be a planet,’ he said.

Needless to say, the strange object ‘TOI 1338 b’ was a planet light years away. He discovered this planet some time ago, but NASA has recognized it only recently.

Currently, ‘Wolf Cukier’ has returned to school in New York after completing his two-month training period at NASA.

He himself did not name this planet. He said that although there was a suggestion to name the planet ‘Ulftopia’, ‘TOI 1338 B’ is correct.

He said, ‘TOI 1338 B’ is not an ordinary planet but a planet orbiting two stars. So the sun sets twice on that planet. This planet is very hot.’

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