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35 lakh scholarship will be given to MBBS students 


Kathmandu. To the students studying ‘MBBS’ in Patarasi rural municipality of Jumla, the municipality will give Rs. 35 lakh scholarship will be given.  

Village Chairman Purna Singh Bohora said that this decision was passed by the village council with the goal of producing one doctor in five years. The chairman of the rural municipality, Bohora, says that he is going to help teach MBBS and other technical subjects. 

Janmaya Rokaya, the vice president of the rural municipality, informed that the rural municipality has passed various laws and regulations from the scholarship to the declaration of child-friendly ward for MBBS students from the 10th winter village on Wednesday. 

According to him, the scholarship directive was passed by the village council with a majority of 2079 for the students in the municipality to study higher education.

It has been decided and passed by the village council that special priority will be given to students from public schools to study higher education. He said that the municipality will give scholarship to MBBS students at the rate of Rs.7 lakh for five years.

23-year-old Naveen Reu of Ward No. 4 Lumgaon is studying at the undergraduate level of medical education at Devdah Medical College in Butwal under the municipality’s higher education scholarship program. 

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