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Nepal Update (News)

More than 1700 people died due to the earthquake in Turkey

The death toll due to the earthquake in Turkey has reached at least 1,797 people. BBC has confirmed that at least 1,797 people have...

Rabi Lamichhane becomes stateless

Kathmandu - The Chairperson of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), Rabi Lamichhane, has been declared stateless by the Supreme Court of Nepal, resulting in...

Rabi Lamichhane’s Political Journey Cut Short by Supreme Court Verdic

Kathmandu- Rabi Lamichhane's political journey, which started on June 7, has stopped within 7 months. Ravi's journey, which started with the formation of the Rastriya...

DP Aryal takes charge as Acting Chairman of RSP

Kathmandu - Dol Prasad (DP) Aryal has been elected as the Acting Chairman of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP). The decision was made during...

Rabi Lamichhane Resigns as Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Nepal

Katmandu,  Rabi Lamichhane, the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister of Nepal, has resigned from his post. The resignation came after a meeting with...

India celebrates 74th Republic Day with ceremony in Kathmandu

The 74th Republic Day of India was celebrated on January 27th with a special ceremony at the Embassy of India in Kathmandu. Ambassador of...

Makwanpur Gadhi Fort: From Military Fortress to Tourist Destination

Makwanpur Gadhi is a 17th century fort located in Nepal, built by the Shah dynasty, which served as a defensive structure and residential palace. A renovation project begun in 2018 by the Nepalese government and local organizations aims to preserve its traditional Newar architecture, cultural elements and historical significance, and also to enhance visitor experience with facilities such as a museum and visitor center.

Snow falls in Jumla

The snowfall covered the entire district, including the headquarters, and accumulated to about half a foot so far. Farmers in the area are excited about the snowfall as it serves as natural irrigation for their winter crops, such as barley and wheat, which had started to dry up due to lack of rain.

A Festival of Learning: The Significance of Saraswati Puja for Students

Saraswati Puja is a Hindu festival celebrated to honor the goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and wisdom, and is typically observed on the fifth day of Magha month in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Natural Remedies for Viral Fever: Using Herbs and Spices

Viral infections can be a common disease for both adults and children, especially in times of climate change. Many viral diseases, such as the...

Newly-Elected Deputy Speaker Indira Rana Magar: The “Mother” of Thousands

Kathmandu – Indira Rana Magar, who has worked in the field of social service and children for a long time, has been appointed as...

Kushma Bungee: the world’s second-highest bungee Jump

Kushma Bungee Jump is Nepal’s highest bungee and the world’s second-highest bungee Jump which scales the height of 228 Meters. Kushma Bungee jump spot...